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Birthday Banners

When my son turned 1, I literally spent almost $50 on banners to include one that draped around his highchair tray with the simple phrase, “I Am One”. The following year my super crafty and talented sister in law made one for him with her Cricut. What is that you say? Well, I had no idea either…..fast forward to a couple of months ago and I insisted (asked nicely😄) for my husband to buy me one for Mother’s Day. I mean, women are making hand over fist with these magical machines selling to the less craftily inclined…

My cousin’s little boy who I keep some during the week and love like he is my own turns one tomorrow, so what better excuse to take my new machine out of the box and see what all the hype is about. I’ve played around with it for the past couple of days and can tell this can easily become an obsession….I’m actually not totally embarrassed by my first attempt (although I did tell my cousin she didn’t have to hang it if she didn’t want to). It’s the thought that counts anyways…😊