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Realities of a Juice Cleanse

Anyone still feeling like a cheese filled slug from all the holiday food and drinks? Well, we certainly were…..that was until yesterday. I decided right before NYE that I was going to drag my poor husband along with me on a juice cleanse to begin the morning of January 2nd (we weren’t going to cut our holiday short by one second!) We did a 2-day juice only cleanse that I ordered from Clean Juice, which has a couple of locations in our hometown. I was motivated by how disgusting I was feeling after the holidays and needed to be re-energized and reset, but wasn’t sure exactly what we were getting into. Curiosity won and we took the plunge.

Here are the facts of this cleanse:

• 2 days = 6 cold pressed, organic juices per day in a specific order. There are also 1, 3 & 5 day options, but I could only sucker my husband into 2.

• Nothing else is allowed except for organic black coffee, organic plain tea, and water.

Here is what I learned from the experience:

• Juicing is really hard when you are used to solid foods. I found myself fantasizing about food most of the first day and my stomach growled from about 3:00 on both days. I was also pretty spacey and tired.

• This is a cleanse, which involves lots of trips to the bathroom, especially the first day and night (wee hours of the second morning for me). So I recommend not having too many errands to run if you’re interested in trying it.

• With the exception of the 6th juice of the day (“dessert”), don’t expect these to taste like something you’d opt to drink on a hot summer day. The faster you can get them down, the better. The beet juice (“dinner”), was gag worthy for me. I think everyone has their favorites (and least favorites). Ryan used his frat star skills and could finish one in a few sips. It took me slightly longer.

• I didn’t sleep well. Not just because of trips to the bathroom, but I was hungry and restless. I recommend melatonin or another sleep aid.

• Definitely do this with a friend, spouse, or anybody you can be kind of grumpy with who feels your pain.

Aside from these things, surprisingly, I will absolutely do this again! It removes toxins from your liver, stomach, and intestines. After vacations and holidays this is perfect. I can even imagine doing a 1 day cleanse on the first of each month just to get the month off on the right foot. Today, I feel REALLY good! I haven’t had any crazy cravings and was full quickly during my first meal. This is not a weight loss thing whatsoever. Sure, I lost some water weight, but that wasn’t the goal.

So, if you have been feeling sluggish and not sure how to jump out of holiday mode, I recommend this! Online companies similar programs, but support your local spots if you can. Cheers to 2019!🍋🥒🍍🍎🥕