My “Why”

Before I became a stay at home wife six years ago I worked in Corporate America for eight years. I worked in front of a computer, in a cubicle, and although I made some amazing friends there in the trenches, I knew I hadn’t found my passion. My “Why” was my paycheck that was directly deposited every two weeks. So what is the drive for fulfilling some inate desire that makes much less money than my desk job, but makes my heart so happy? Well, it’s this guy. Becoming a mom has opened my mind to a great desire to do what I love, and do it with my whole being. It’s the tone and example I want to set for my son, that he can do or be anything he wants to be. He needs to chase his passions and figure out how to make a living around that, not the other way around. So do I think he needs to bus tables and mow lawns and earn money through less fulfilling things? Yes! We all have to in order to light that fire underneath us, and also to appreciate hard work and build character and be responsible and appreciative of the world around us. But, for now he is 2…..and that will come later. I’d like to hold onto this magic of childhood for him for as long as I can….


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